Did you ever have what you thought was a great, original idea, only to find out that lots of people had already come up with a similar one?

I felt that way a little bit last week, when doing a little research for an upcoming blog post on tracking happiness I came across some people, no, actually an entire community of people who are doing exactly what I am doing.  Yes, there is an entire self-tracking community out there!   They have blogs, and meet-ups, and even conferences.   Wow.

The center of all of this activity appears to be at the Quantified Self web site.  Go ahead and feel free to take some time over there.  I’ll be here when you come back.

OK. I spent quite some time over there and was amazed at all of the stories I read – people who have tracked data about themselves for years.  Most of the stories are about health, or weight, but some focus around tracking emotions, or sleep, or productivity, or happiness.  Also, some fascinating videos of presentations from previous QS conferences.

So, like any research project, I need to do a bit of a review of the existing material.  I’ll share some of that material from QS and other  resources as I uncover it and think it is relevant to my project.   And ultimately, I shouldn’t feel bad about not being original – I mean, if others have the same idea, maybe it is not so crazy! 🙂