Today in the mail I received my new toy, a Withings scale:


I got it courtesy of my employer, who is doing an employee based health devices trial ( more on that in another post if I get permission.. )

The scale is super cool. It measures weight ( duh ) and is networked into my home wifi to automatically download weight to my profile to make pretty charts and stuff. It can also auto detect who is standing on it ( assuming the members of the family are sufficiently different) and chart each person separately.

But the cool thing is that it measures body fat %. It does this apparently by injecting me with a tiny electrical impulse. Here’s my first reading:


19.3% ??! !? I have no idea if this is good or bad but to me it sounds bad. I’m 20% fat? A quick online search tells me this is ‘acceptable’. I’m not so sure.

Anyway I’m supposed to measure this in the morning before a meal and I did just the opposite. Plus, online reviews are skeptical about the accuracy of this device. My wife says the only way to measure fat properly is by being submerged in water. That sounds like fun! Anyway, even if the number isn’t accurate, hopefully any trends will be noticeable. Data coming soon!!