So I went to the doctor today to get a checkup, and told him about the project – he’s doing a super duper blood workup to give me data.  He pointed  out that lipid numbers tend to increase during the holidays (duh!) and so might want to do another draw in the spring if they seem high.  Never heard a doctor suggest that before!

He also said something about that ritual that all men go through.   Since we were boys, we’ve been told to turn our head and cough, while the doctor puts his fingers oh so firmly in a very private spot, feeling for a hernia.   So I asked, why do I turn my head and cough?  His reply was that when you cough, if there is a weak spot in the abdominal wall, he’ll feel it, and can detect a hernia in the making.  Fair enough.  But why turn your head?

“So you don’t cough all over the doctor.”

I had no idea! All these years I thought there was some clinical reason for the head turn.  Next time, I’ll just cover my mouth.

Oh, and below is my EKG reading.  He said it was normal.  I’ll take his word for it since I have no idea what I am looking at.

My EKG 12/21/11 (click for full size image)