When I started this project, I pointed out that in order to keep myself honest I was going to open source my data.   I’m not sure if anyone will ever look at this, but in theory making it public gives me that little extra peer pressure to keep this project going.

Well the time has come for my first release!

I have created a public Dropbox (accessible here, and  link on the sidebar) repository for anyone to access my data.  It is broken into monthly folders, and has a README file for a little more detail.   In brief, the monthly folders contain the following files:

Fitbit:  Steps, daily floors climbed, distance travelled  and calories expended – according to the Fitbit.  Also has my daily weight measurements and fat % from the Withings scale.  And BP measurements, when I do them.

Livestrong:  Contains details of my food logging, with a summary file and a (very) detailed file with the food log and the nutritional breakdown.

Fitlinxx:  This is the system at my gym tracking my fitness there (weight training).  It lists machines used and weight lifted (um, not very much weight, I’m afraid)

Runkeeper:  Logs of non-gym related exercise. Mostly running, but also skiing or anything else I do.

Rescuetime: ‘Productivity software’ that tracks the programs I am using on my computer.  A way to keep track of lollygagging.  Procrastination, thy name is Facebook.

All of my data is up for the month of January, and is complete.  There is some data for previous months, but it is a bit more spotty.

Some facts from my first month:

  • Weight loss from 1/1 to 1/31: 4.9 lbs
  • Days I remembered to set the Fitbit to track my sleep: 23
  • Avg sleep time: 6hr 26 minutes
  • Avg time to fall asleep: 8 minutes
  • Number of days I walked more than10K steps:  6
  • Avg floors climbed per day: 21.6
  • Times went to gym: 4  (sounds low, but it is about 3 times more than I usually go in a month)
  • Days I did food logging: 17
  • Days my food logging can be considered ‘complete’: 7

Rescuetime plot of my Facebook usage for January