I’ve learned a lot doing this project already, about myself, about self-tracking in general, about health.  But of course one of the reasons I started was not just to learn, it was to get healthier.  And so it is nice to have something concrete to hang onto, a tangible result that shows that all of this tracking and learning is worthwhile.  My blood test results were a nice start.   But tonight I had one of my best moments of my year of data:   I ran a 5k in 25:40, faster than I have run in the last 10 years.

That.  Feels.  Good.

You may remember when I blogged about my 5k times – here is an updated graph with the new point.  Sweet.

It was a perfect night for running, and a totally flat course, so that helps.  Nonetheless, I was surprised.  I haven’t been running much, but I have been cycling : in preparation for my racing in the NJ Breve Fondo – I’ve been riding 15-20 miles on the weekends.  I am in pretty good shape in general – here is my weight graph since the project began:

Weight graph – made using trendgraph.com

It’s a nice, steady, month to month decrease.   Not too fast, but just steady.  A bit of a lapse during my July vacation, but was able to recover from that fairly quickly.

I’m now 3/4 of the way through my year and I feel better than ever.  Hope I can keep up the momentum!